About Beer

Craft beer VS regular beer

When you buy mass-produced beer, you get a regular beverage. Craft beer focuses more on flavors and nuances and often contains much more alcohol (but some types can have a lower alcohol content). It’s more expensive because making it is harder and more delicate than the mass-production. But craft beverages are very unique in their tastes giving a new experience every time you taste a new kind. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to drink more expensive beverages. And if you want to enjoy new tastes, you are the luckiest beer lover to be alive at this very moment.


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The amount and the variety of beers that are available to you are all inspiring. You have access to different flavors that no previous generation had. We all live in the digital age when people can share recipes in seconds and have every ingredient available. Back in the day brewer just had to work with whatever s(he) had and see how the beer came out. But now we can experiment freely, and it’s really something to be grateful for.

You should be more careful with craft because it’s usually stronger than regular beer.

Which country produces the best beer in the world

When it comes to styles of beer there are 4 countries that we study:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • England
  • The USA

Germany is known for lagers and its beers are very clear and straightforward. Just taste it and you won’t regret!

How to find the best beer for you

All the variety of beers can be broken down into ales and lagers. The differentiation lies in the kind of yeast that is used and at what temperature the beer is fermented:

  1. It’s higher for an ale
  2. A lager is fermented at a much lower temperature.

Ales are easier to brew so their spectrum is very broad. They have full flavor and lagers are much milder tasting beers. Color doesn’t matter so brewers can make a jet-black lager or a pale straw-colored ale.

If you don’t know how to choose your beer, don’t start drinking right away. There are some things that happen with beer when it’s in the glass. You should appreciate its aroma and enjoy it before drinking. The next thing you want to do is to look at your beverage and think about its color and how the bubbles are coming out. Also, check out the head of your beer and how it’s formed. Then taste it and think about your impressions.