Best Cheap Beer

Best Cheap Beer

I’m a craft beer enthusiest but lately I’ve been trying to decide on the best cheap, American, adjunct beer.

Throughout all my tasting, I’ve decided on Coors Light. It’s watery for sure, but it doesnt have that metallic skunkiness of say, a Natural Ice. It also gets points for the price: $17.99 for a 30 pack.

I REALLy want to say Yuengling but it’s not that cheap around hear in MA.

PBR is a close second. It was my choice for a while, but I’d rather by the beer (Coors) with less carbs for the same price. Not that I’m a weight watcher, but if I’m gonna drink a 6 pack in a sitting, I’d rather have less carbs.

Rules: Beer must be under $25 for a 30 pack


  1. Coors light is probably best cheap beer and good for the price. Senior year of Hs that was expensive beer for me and my friends :). We used to buy 12 packs of miller high life for $6 every weekend for parties. They’re so gross lol. Makes me sick thinking about them.

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