Cream Ale - thoughts on this recipe?

Cream Ale – thoughts on this recipe?

Hey all,

Any thoughts on this recipe? How does it look?

Pale 2-row – 5lb
White wheat – 2lb
6-row – 1.5lb
Flaked corn – .5
Crystal 20l – .5
Carapils – 1lb
Flaked barley – .25lb
Honey malt – .75

Cascade hops – 1oz
Saaz – .5oz
Lotus – 1oz

I plan to add some vanilla extract (before bottling) and possibly some honey (but i’m not sure when to add the honey).

Thanks for any suggestions!


  1. It looks… busy. 🙂 That’s also a pretty low percent corn. Five or 5.5 gallons? It’ll be beer, and I’d drink it as long as you don’t ruin it with the vanilla.

    ETA: I’ve never heard of Lotus hops. I looked it up. Are you dry-hopping with it? That might be interesting (in a good way.) Because if you boil it your beer will probably be too bitter; it’s a high-alpha variety.

  2. Drop the vanilla and the lotus. Otherwise, if that’s what you want, go for it. If you want to add honey, do it in the last 10 minutes of the boil.

  3. If it were me, trying to make classic cream ale, I’d drop the Crystal, Cara, Honey and the the flaked barley (not that that would matter).

    I’d swap corn and wheat volumes. Hops look pretty good. No effin vanilla extract. geesh…

    Hey, I regularly brew “Cream Ales” with more rye malt than corn, so brew what you want to. Have subbed in wheat and oat malt too, but if done in volume, will likely taste great, but will not clear up as is normal for style.

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