I’m vegetarian and don’t know what to pair beer with

I’m vegetarian and don’t know what to pair beer with

Basically that’s about it; I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years now and got into drinking beer (not always craft but the countries I live in make pretty good beer) both for the alcohol as well as the taste. The thing is I always see beers paired with meat; pork, beef, chicken etc. Does anyone have any meatless foods that pair good with beer?

Also I wonder. Can Vegetarians and Vegans Drink Beer? In general, most beer is made from barley malt, yeast, hops, and water. These ingredients contain no animal products and therefore make beer both vegetarian and vegan friendly. With that said, some breweries use add-ins in their beers for flavor or filtration that are derived from animal sources. Any advices on vegetarian-friendly Breweries?


  1. I find that Saison and farmhouse ales pair well with food that would typically call for wines.

    Cheese pizza and Saison DuPont is one of my favorite combos.

    Veggie orzo lemon pasta and a farmhouse ale is another go to combo.

    Tacos + any beer. Obviously light/Mexican lagers, but also enjoy with pale ales like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

    Bbq foods like veggie burgers and veggie sausage also go well with beers – try a Kolsch or a Helles.

    For me, I don’t like to drink anything too heavy or hoppy with my food. So that rules out a lot of stouts and hazy IPAs. I want something that is crisp, lighter, but balanced with complex and interesting flavors. Hops that are too bitter will ruin your palate, but if you find a good balanced hoppy beer – like a pale ale or west coast IPA, it will really work and cut through some of the food taste nicely, especially spicy or creamy foods.

  2. There are a couple of “rules” you can follow when pairing beer. Pair flavors that are present in both the (main component of the) meal and the beer. Or pair complete different flavors, like chocolate with a fruit lambic (like kriek). One component shouldn’t overpower the other one.

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