What’s your opinion on coors banquet?

What’s your opinion on coors banquet?

I’ve always bought local crafts up until about last summer when I had some banquets someone brought on a trip and realized I really enjoyed them. Great easy drinking beer and extremely refreshing on hot summer days. The one big con I see is the beer seems to be ridiculously carbonated compared to others. When poured in a glass it looks like a science experiment of some sort the amount of bubbles.

I’ve noticed people have strong opinions on whether this beer is just massed produced garbage or they love it.

Regardless For me it’s a satisfying reliable beer and I also like the heritage and the fact that it’s only brewed in golden co.


  1. I fucking love Banquets, my friend and I are obsessed with them. Under $1 per can, very tasty and just the right amount of alcohol.

    I disagree about it being very carbonated though, it is pretty flat for an AAL.

  2. Banquet is the GREATEST, and I’ve had over 1400 (and counting) craft/Euro beers. It’s the only mass produced beer that actually tastes like what beer used to, and should taste like. Coors (banquet) is, and always has been consistent. It’s also Unpasteurized which means it doesn’t get flash boiled, something that greatly affects the taste of beer. Also, they use a very old Czech yeast strain that gives it a faint banana note (almost like a Hefeweizen) that distinguishes it from all the rest. The corn flavor is definitely present as it should be with any American corn beer, that’s why I call it “liquid cornbread”. I think Coors is best straight outta the can or bottle, but I’ve never noticed anything weird or off about the amount of carbonation. Goes good with pizza and/or Mexican food better than anything else too

  3. A little history lesson from an old-timer: back in the early 1970’s Coors had an incredible mystique because it was not available in the eastern U.S. If you knew someone who was traveling out west, you’d beg them to bring back a case or at least a few six packs. In 1972, I flew out to Colorado to visit a cousin who was living there and I got to try it on its home turf. In the high dry desert climate, it was incredibly thirst quenching and delicious. But when it finally started appearing in the east it kind of lost its cachet and became just another mass market light lager.

    I don’t drink much anymore, but based on some positive comments here, I think I’ll pick up a sixer for old time’s sake!

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