Looking to have wine bottled on future daughter’s birthday

Looking to have wine bottled on future daughter’s birthday

Hello all! New to this sub. I have a daughter, first born, coming in October and I would like to have wine bottled on the same day she is born. They would be used as her gifts in the future. My wife and I are thinking 10 wine bottles. Does anyone have recommendations? Where could I find a place that could bottle wine on the same day our daughter is born with short notice?

I know that many parents and godparents face this problem when they insist on buying wine for children while they’re infants. This is the riskiest way to buy wine; few collectors would buy futures of white Bordeaux before the grapes were even harvested, but many do exactly this when they lay down wines for their children. And a trendy, polarizing wine that only appeals to a niche range of tastes might not be as appealing 20 years from now as it is today. So I need your advices!


  1. Wineries do not usually bottle wine “on demand” (there might be some exceptions, so … ).

    You might find wineries that will let you order bottles with custom labels; but most of the time, when people want custom labels, they just slap their own over existing labels.

    Also, At best you might find wines from the year your daughter is born (2022); but not this year, 2022 vintage will be released next year (at best)

    Also, also, most 2022 vintage wines that will age well will probably not be release until a couple of years.

  2. Secondly the birth year rather than birth day thing. Wine isn’t like beer, it doesn’t get bottled when you want it it gets bottled when it has to be bottled on a strict schedule.

    In October there’s very little wine being bottled, most is being harvested at that time.

  3. A couple issues/questions:

    Assuming you’re planning to give her the bottles in 18/19/21 years, do you have a good place to store it until then?

    It’s unlikely that a winery (especially one that makes wines that would benefit from long-term aging) is going to be willing to disrupt its normal bottling process for a 10-bottle order. Assuming that you have a solution to the storage problem, your best bet would be to buy a case of birth-year wines for your daughter. 2022 wines with long-term aging potential are likely to hit the market around 2025, so I would start looking around then (maybe read some harvest reports from places like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Napa, etc. this August/September in the meantime).

  4. Might want to look into Bourbon. Buy an entire barrel and have it bottled down the road. Woodford does something like this.

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