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Making a gose (with mango), how much salt for 1-1.5 gal batch?

I like my Gose beer salty, but I don’t want to drink sea water.. if you know what I mean.I was thinking about using 4g of Sea Salt in my batch, after fermentation.

I’ll be using Philly Sour from main fermentation, and adding CBC-1 yeast for bottling.I was thinking about adding the salt after racking the beer to a bucket, before transferring to bottle, and mixing it well with the finished beer, and then add the yeast and some priming sugar (dextrose).

First time making a Gose, would salt affect fermentation? Should I add the salt to the boil instead?Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I will be using mango chunks in primary or secondary, not sure yet… there’s not many recipes for a Mango Gose online so if you have any advice on that please share your experience. Never fermented mangoes either, haha. Taking risks 馃槈


  1. 3g/ gallon is a medium saltiness. That鈥檚 15g for 5 gallons of finished beer, so maybe 2.5g per finished beer gallon. I think you could do 4g/ gallon or 3.5g/ gallon in finished beer to get it to (old) Gatorade levels.

  2. 4g is super overkill. I did a gose a couple months back and added .9g to a 5gal batch because I also thought the .5g that a lot of recipes say seems like nothing. I was surprised how salty it tasted with such a small amount of salt. It was still drinkable but next time I’d lower it to .5g.

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