Spiced pumpkin ales

Spiced pumpkin ales

Pumking is easily one of the best. I think what makes a good pumkin beer is it doesn’t taste like someone took a beer and dumped a bunch of pumpkin flavored syrups and sugariness into it. Pumking delivers with a delicious taste where you know you’re still drinking a beer with autumn pumpkin spice that isn’t too sugary/sweet tasting.

Anyone ever done one of these? The USA seem to go mad for them during ‘fall’, but I dont really see the appeal – too much spice and things like vanilla aren’t what I want in a beer

that said I could potentially get behind something with just a touch of ground ginger. I did a small batch of rye ale with fresh ginger a while back which was lovely and figured something similar with pumpkin (or squash) and ground dried ginger might be ok. Might do a sneaky small batch experiment to see


  1. I did a small batch with a squash, the squash flavour was lost, I dont remember using any spices.

  2. I liked the idea of it, Ive neve bothered to repeat it.

    My Chocolate peanut stout was another where the extra flavours were lost too.

  3. I don’t know anyone here who likes all the pumpkin flavoured stuff that comes out at this time of year, but there must be a market for it because it gets put in everything. Can’t say I’ve ever tried a pumpkin beer and liked it. The spice blend that gets used tends to make everything taste like that fake smell some shops pump into the air at Christmas time. Pumpkin isn’t a flavour I like particularly anyway, other squash is better. You could try roasting the pumpkin before using it to get some caramelisation.

    A rye ginger beer sounds yummy though. 👍 When did you brew that?

  4. Bock beer season over here just started … there’s some repectable breweries doing a pumpkin bock beer or even a pumpkin raisin bock beer

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