Whats your favorite beer?

Whats your favorite beer?

title says it all. im kicking off the weekend in style with my favorite beer Founders All Day IPA. its more of a session ale than a heavy IPA.

Whats your favorite kind of beer? Any suggestions for good bottled beer brand I can grab from a supermarket or a brewery?

Fun fact about Heineken, it has a huge presence in Southeast Asia. It makes sense, as it is light and refreshing so in 110 degree heat with the same humidity its better than something heavy. There’s a huge tower in Ho-Chi-Minh City with an observation deck. It costs like 5–10 dollars to go up. For another 10 bucks you can do the “Heineken tour” and learn all about their massive operation in Vietnam. Plus you get 2 Heinekens, so as an outsider the tour basically feels free.

Bonus – for anyone who enjoys a more bitter tasting ciders Aspall is my favorite.


  1. Cold. After that it’s Schell’s Oktoberfest when available, Grain Belt Premium when it’s hot, and Keystone Light anytime. I like craft beers too, but none that stand out as a favorite.

  2. A cold busch lite, mich golden light, but I also like heavier beers. Just can’t drink more then a couple

  3. a little bit of everything. i got a app called untappd on my phone and keep track of all the different ones ive had and rate them. im up to 329 different beers so far. kind of fun to do

  4. For beer I love Revolver brewing’s Blood and Honey Ale because salty beer (which is pretty much all beers imo) is just not my thing,it has a sweet taste and the flavors really complement each other 🙂

  5. Guinness preferably drunk in Ireland where I believe it tastes best. Single malt whiskey, Glenmorangie 18yr old or similar. Thanks, I’ll have a pint in Kelly’s cellars in Belfast please. Oh and wee halfun of Glenmorangie to follow. Thanks.

  6. My favorite beer has to be Modern Times Beer Fruitlands. It is extremely affordable and contains the very flavors that would keep you sane. There are also other beers that are great in taste like Frostie Root Beer Soda or Cutwater Spirits Ginger Beer but everybody has their preferences.

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