What keg accessories do you wish you bought the first time around?

What keg accessories do you wish you bought the first time around?

I recently acquired a new kegerator and a ball lock keg to go along with it. I initially got a second hand one during the Cov-19 lockdowns super cheap, tore it apart to clean it and in the process learn how it works/put a sanke keg through it, but then ended up getting rid of it – it had been pretty neglected, it wouldn’t hold temp very well, etc… turns out there was a reason I got it cheap.

Now that I’ve got a new setup, I recall hearing that the flow control connections for the out-post are a cool add on to make system balancing / foam management slightly less painful.

The second thing was that a check valve for the gas side is an item you don’t think about until it’s too late (in the rare case that something does go wrong).

Duo-tight fittings are another part I’ve heard can vastly simplify things compared to hose clamps. The short list at this point also probably includes a floating dip tube and maybe a spunding valve.

What are some other accessories you wish you had bought the first time around?


  1. I kegged for years without a keg washer, it really is nice to have and you can diy it for very cheap with a simple pond pump, bucket, a bit of pipe and a cip ball.

  2. Wish I had a multiple stage regulator. I like my beer around 12-14 psi, but seltzer at 25-30.

  3. Extra kegs.

    I haven’t had our keezer long – the first thing I did to it was convert it from a single tap to a dual tap. My problem is keeping enough beer on hand. I started with 2 kegs, then decided to start fermenting in keg (not under pressure – yet) so I got a 3rd, and then I had the problem of not having a place to put the beer once the batch was ready to be transferred to a final home, so I got a 4th keg, but now I’m thinking that if I want to get a supply of beer that actually has time to age, I’m going to need probably 2 maybe 3 more kegs and to brew several batches back to back so that I can eventually have 1 or 2 kegs that are waiting to be tapped instead of being rushed to be tapped…

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