What is the history of beer?

From tests of ancient pottery, we know that beer was invented at least 7 000 years ago. This beverage was known by ancient Egyptians, it even was a part of their daily diet and sometimes was prescribed as medicine. But it wasn’t until the 9th century that beer began to be flavored with hops. At this point it was brewed at home; however, in the later Middle Ages, the production of beer gradually shifted to pubs and monasteries. In 1516 the Duke of Bavaria passed the Reinheitsgebot, also known as the German beer purity law. It stated that the only 3 ingredients in beer must be:
  • Water;
  • Barley;
  • Hops.
Of course, there was also yeast but people didn’t know that until its discovery much later, and nowadays brewers also add malts. Any grain can make up a beer but barley is a preferred grain. Hops are what give us bitterness to balance out the sweetness coming out of the malts. Also, beer was an important part of early American culture because many founding fathers were brewers. Even George Washington developed his own beer recipe!

How is beer made?

We can dig into some of the most popular beers to see just how precise every aspect of the brewing process is controlled.
Budweiser It’s a light golden beer with a medium amount of hops. They use a type of yeast named Saccharomyces uvarum and ferment their brew at 15 degrees C for 2 weeks. During the fermentation process, they add some wood chips. Finally, the beer is heavily filtered.
Guinness It’s a darker beer made from roasted malted grains. They use a yeast named Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and ferment at 18 degrees C for 3 weeks. The beer later is filtered and carbonated with nitrogen which results in a creamy taste.
Rodenbach This beer has lighter roasted malts and wheat with low-to-medium hops. They use wild yeast and ferment at 18 degrees C for 3 weeks. The beer is then filtered and fermentation continues in the bottle.
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Which country produces the best beer in the world

When it comes to styles of beer there are 4 countries that we study:
  • Germany is known for lagers and its beers are very clear and straightforward.
  • Belgium has lots of history and expertise. Most of their beers are perfectly balanced.
  • England is known for its fermented cask beer (also called real ale).
  • The USA can get you an outstanding beer in any and every style.
Since 2010 190 billion liters of beer have been produced every year. It’s the most consumed beverage after water and tea.